Charlotte Bertie

Lives & works in south east London, UK

She explores notions of materiality and physicality, in a performative practice that encompasses visual art work and social arts practice. Bertie makes solo and group performance works, drawings, paintings and sculptures.


Understanding the body as a site and vehicle of protest Bertie explores embodied encounters, and the power dynamics and complex narrative structures of group interactions. She is interested in the spaces and behaviours created by the inhabiting or embodying of these dynamics and structures.


The motivations, personas, utterings and gestures of pleasure structure the works, and prompt the uncomfortable and oscillating position between private and the public spheres.

Goldsmiths BA Fine Art & History of Art Degree Show Catalogue




BA (Hons) Fine Art & History of Art, Goldsmiths, University of London 2015 - 2020

Art Psychotherapy Foundation, Goldsmiths, University of London 2019 - 2020

Painting course, Leith School of Art, Edinburgh 2014 - 2015


BTEC Foundation Diploma in Fine Art, Leith School of Art, Edinburgh 2013 - 2014  


Grants & Awards 

2015 - Winner of the Leith School of Art Painting Prize, for 'outstanding quality and resolution of a piece'


Exhibitions & Festivals

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London based Artist, engaged in performative practice, visual art practice, social arts practice                          

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